Have Questions? Call Us: 206.935.5150. Visit Us at: 4445 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116

Classic & Modern

We have the largest selection of dinnerware in the Northwest with over 200 patterns beautifully displayed in our store.»

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Kitchen Heaven

Our unique and friendly shop is located in a gracious vintage building in West Seattle.»

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You'll feel at home in our warm and friendly store.»

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Everything you need with a quality selection to choose from.»

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Family Owned and Operated Since 1984

"JF Henry's 30th year of striving to offer the highest level of knowledgeable customer service. Touch and compare thousands of kitchen tools and an amazing selection of dinnerware and glass."

J. F. Henry Cooking & Dining has been in business 30 years. We are a full service kitchenware store that also has Seattle's largest selection of dinnerware from casual to fine china. We offer competitive pricing on all of our dinnerware, flatware and glassware. Our unique and friendly shop is conveniently located in a gracious vintage building in West Seattle, complete with an elegant staircase and chandelier from the old Frederick & Nelson downtown store.

Stop by or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you with any of your kitchen needs.

Call Us: 206.935.5150.
Visit Us at: 4445 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116
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